Mar. 27th, 2017

Mystery surrounded the past of those two trees. Many believed they had been present in the world since before an human rememberance although there were some who knew exactly how old they were...
They lived on a remote island off the southern coast of Glean and were well known for two things. The first one was more popular than the other,their capability to wield magic and the wisdom with they wielded it. They didn't have any leadership but only a hierarchy that slightly showed some resembelance to it although there were never any orders given among them. It ever based upon the vastness of one's knowledge on the ways of the world. It wasn't uncommon that a newcomer of the disciple rose in great hights among them in stature since the flow of magic effects every person in a different manner and there are some alwas present who's given the chance to tap into great depths within Life's energies and reach into it's infinite power where the arcane and more reside rendering them to leave their past lifes behind and giving them a new perspective and a new path to follow, as if a man damned with blindness were to see again and saw that the direction he was keep walking towards led to nowhere.
Now here comes the interesting part of these aspirants. They are given two choices. One: they choose to share it with others. Two: they use it with greed sharing it only with those they deem worthy... Well now, there comes the difference between happiness and sadness. Just like the Twin Trees, but It isn't a choice in its actality.
Oboar the one now on Umbrilla's side followed the second path for many, many years. The darkness grew so strong inside of him it effected the land to his north immensely. The soil he grew in as a sapling was very rich. Lunalynn's on the other hand was way more poor somehow she still managed to grow stronger branches and more colorful petals on her flowers than he ever could. He did not understand why nor did she at the time and so they even though siblings grew far apart leaving their blooming youth fade away in memories.
In his confusion fear moved into Oboar's sould and reached for more to strengthen himself slowly forgetting to grown within and spread beauty. Instead he started to spread despeartion and in time evil through his vast aura. The world infuriated him. "How come I couldn't reach that beauty? How come she did? Why did you make me less you wretched world!? When all I wanted was to be as beautiful like my sister... and I was willing to pledge my life to your service, but you didn't ask any of it! So I shall devour you and take all while I am living on this ungrateful earth."



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