Our society accepts agression. Agression leads to fear. Let it be only passive agression the posibility of the agression ever surfice to its full extent devours the soul's freedom and keeps it within a cage. One must brave the thought of it ever occuring. Some already has seen it. Some lost their mind restlessly trying to deny its existence but it exists. This world holds cruelty as much as people opress it's presence. You call it peace what we have today but when you look around... people are slaves to their fears and give in to the dominion of the strong. The strong unaware of their supression on others feel bound to those actions because noone dares to face them.
Our society accepts agression. Our society revels in agression. People lift it to high pedestals and worship them. They crave the power it posessese and in the meanwhile slowly forget what it means to love. To see the world through the once innocent eyes they once had and they slowly fall into despair. Having lost in the lust power holds within itself and loosing sensibility. A dry husk remains of their wonderful selves. Their potentials go to waste as their fear of freedom grows within themselves. Balancing between love and power they forever lose themselves.
Our society shall not accpet agression. Our society shall learn to release it. Our society shall seek love and wonder because this world hold so much more then what the eyes can see and the true potential dwells within ourselves.
Break free of your fears. Face the deepest recesses of your soul and grow. You are like a tree. A tree grows, a tree experiences the hardship, they must learn to accept it, they still bloom each year and they grow more beautiful as time passes.
Become a tree yourself. Learn patience and be amazed at what you can find if you watch closely to the world and let the seed inside of you spring so that one day it might live in its full might and spread beauty through you.



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