As she slowly moved through the foliage and bushes below high trees the first lights of the day started to reveal the bright colours of the blooming forest. A woman in the spring of her youth with her naked feet being one with the awakening world at this early hour danced and jumped around. A soft, light blue, turquoisish dress covering her semi-tall pretty figure. Her blonde hair is reaching her waist and covering part of the rosy complexion and glowing green eyes with golden spots like some hidden treasure inside on her face. She gazes upon the forest as she keeps moving forward in awe. Her body moves in accordance of the forest's rhythm, the voice of the chirping birds singing their morning songs, the distant sound of the nearby river, the squirels noise as they are jumping on and off from branches and the light steps of running dears in the vicinity. She enjoys the cold touch of the earth and the chhilly breeze on her skin as she breathes in the renewed, fresh morning air. One at a time she steps only and jumping occasionally or turning around playfully as she is reaching the other end of the forest wheres a huge stone wall were set by the people of the neighboring state of Umbrilla. Her thoughts slowly start to shift from the delightful picture of the forest into gloomy realization of the world she lives in. She often comes here to think visiting the twin trees that has been cut apart from each other by the cruelty of human cowardness and glares upon them with hope in her eyes as she sees the unwavering passion between the two who's branches are still hugging together. As she reaches the two silver trees her eyes fill with sadness and confusion and a few word form on her mouth turning back towards her village. "Why are you holding so much anger in your hearts when this world is so beautiful?" Her lips are starting to tremble and tears start to roll down her cheek as she slowly falls into despair.
A young man watches her from atop the silvery tree on this side sitting on a high branch in the shadow of its leaves. Her beauty endeavors his attention, focusing all of his senses on this girl's sorrowful cry and his heart starts to fill every inch of his body with the pain she feels. He keeps his eyes glued on the girl as she slowly starts to calm down and once again wonder is moving back into her soul. This boy sat there in utter amazement understanding her feelings entirely but has never been seeing anyone before manifesting them in such an honest manner. To his utter surprise of the girl's sudden change of temper he moved a little back on the branch which caught her curious attention. Already glaring at the boy his balance failed and even for his every effort he could not keep himself on top and fell straight over and through the vast tree's shroud. Then again to his astonishment as he finally got a hold of one of the lower branches he looked up in confusion only to find the girl erupt in laughter at his clumsiness and as he was hanging on that stick she slowly started to get closer to him seeking if he has injured himself but as her caring eyes approached him he lost his grip again and fell straight down to the ground. After that the only thing he was hearing before looking up in defeat was the sweet sound of her laughter once again.
-The reason why people harbour so much hate within themselves is because they are terrified of giving their lifes up for the other and the unwillingness of facing their inner fears slowly drives them mad until they become only the husk of their once blooming lively and joyful selves. - says the boy while getting back back on his feet.
She glares at him. Her heart is tremling by the purifty of the boy's words, mazed by his clarity and his straightforwardness. Tears appear in her eyes after hearing the words that she so long has been seeking...
(To be continued)



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