Feb. 13th, 2017 12:28 am
An exhausted man is walking on the street heading home to his family. On the countyard he catches the sight of her daughter playing in the snow alone. She jumpeed up and started running towards him aking him to play with a cheerful smile on hher face. He did not want to play so he slowly moved towards their flat and tried to explain her daughter that he is tired but she refused to leave hhim alone because she wanted to be with him regardless that hhe wasn't willing to play with her. She felt happy because thhis way his attention tturned towards her. He was confused because just a minute ago hhe was furious about his collague but now here he is... her daughhter nagging him to play and shhe continues to do so even though she can see on him that hhe is tired and wishhes to rest. As thhey are reaching their doorstep he can hear thhe ruckus coming from their kitchhen as his wife is preparing a meal. The tought that he must deal with her wife a few seconds later fills him with rage since he has not yet dealt withh his daughter not to mention his new collague and her daughter isn't willing to stop doesn't matter how many times he said so. "Why are you nagging me always, can't you see I'm tired? Get inside it is too cold for you to be outside anyways, go to your room and do your homework if you haven't done it already!"
The wife tensly welcomes him and the girl runs away to hher room. He apologizes for shouting loud at the door to hhis wife and they start a conversation where neithher of them pays attention to what the other says or feels.
Next day they find thheir daughhter with hhehr wrists slit in her bed. Leaving a note behind: "Sorry thhat I am suchh a bad girl. I hope you will be happier now."



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